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Greetings in the Matchless Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.!

We are delighted and consider it a privilege that you have visited our website. 
Here at Faith United Methodist Church we are an inter-generational church for all people celebrating the presence of God in our worship. It is our prayer and spiritual mission that the work of the Holy Spirit will continue to impact lives through our ministry and draw the masses to Jesus Christ. 


We believe the mission of Faith U M C is....To empower, encourage equip and educate all about Jesus Christ.  We are a faith-filled community that embraces Christ’s Love through a commitment to serve God by fulfilling the spiritual,emotional, and physical needs of our congregation and the community.

: To be a Inter-generational Church for all people that empowers and equips believers to be good Stewards of God.  To developleading Christian Disciples who develop other Christian Disciples.

Here we are a warm and welcoming community of faith, eager to extend hospitality.  We live out ourmission by providing a place to Worship, study and gather socially offering safe and vibrant education for our children; by insuring a varied range of family programs for visitors, congregation and the community.